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Persona Fulcrum is a forward-thinking Personality Development School designed to help people create fabulous impressions at the same time bolstering their presence to a level where their personality gives them an added advantage. We offer the kind of advice and training Read More…..

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Workshop in Personality Development


“Very interactive, beneficial, full of real life examples and makes us introspect and understand our improvement areas. It’s a personalized training and provides us with very specific feedback. ” – attended Personality Development For Professionals / Non Professionals

Sundus Ahmad – Project Manager

“I had a great experience with Persona Fulcrum. I appreciate their quick response to my query, understanding my requirement and formulating a training plan. Each training session is a good combination of theory as well as practice. This PD training is designed to make your fundamentals strong. I am glad I enrolled in this training. ” – attended Personality Development For Professionals / Non Professionals

Julie Clamy Fernandes – AVP – IT

“Mr.Charandeep explained some new and simple method to improve our-self in each and every classes. And the way he explain everything that at the end of the classes we will not have any doubt to ask with him” – attended Workshop in Communication Skills, Workshop in Confidence Building & attending Personality Development Program for Professionals – posted on 18 May 2020.

Suseelan – IT Professional