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Persona Fulcrum is a forward-thinking Personality Development School designed to help people create fabulous impressions at the same time bolstering their presence to a level where their personality gives them an added advantage. We offer the kind of advice and training Read More…..

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“My experience with Persona Fulcrum has been really great. The sessions are quite thoughtful and interactive. ” – attended Personality Development Training

Aditi Sharma – Fashion Designer

“It is the best institute for helping you to enhance your personal ability, develop your body language and skill enrichment.Thanks Personal fulcrum. ” – attended Personality Development Training

Dr Pooja Saxena – BHMS

“Amazing experience to get professional training from an expert. Perfectly articulated & Superb. ” – attended Personality Development Training – posted on 06 May, 2020

Sarika Lohana – Lecturer in Degree College

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