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Persona Fulcrum is a forward-thinking Personality Development School designed to help people create fabulous impressions at the same time bolstering their presence to a level where their personality gives them an added advantage. We offer the kind of advice and training Read More…..

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Workshop in Personality Development


“Thank you for valuable tips for Articulation and voice modulation. It has helped me a lot in further enhancing my skills. ” – attended Communication Skills Training

Ritu Sachdeva – Communication Skills Trainer

“I had a wonderful experience learning with online sessions. Gave me self confidence with the personality development curriculum. Will definitely recommend to especially homemakers and ladies. The trainer managed well with my busy schedule. Thank you so much. ” – attended Personality Development For Homemakers / Women

Kavita Jalna – Business Woman

“It has been a nice experience. Friendly, polite conversational sessions, which were according to my requirements, helped me to gain confidence in my abilities. I am a more positive person now. If someone regularly practices communication exercises, it will certainly be a great help in improving communication skills. Very nominal fee for 3 classes in a week. ” – attended Personality Development Training

Tarushikha – Translator