About Us

Persona Fulcrum is a forward-thinking Personality Development School designed to help people create fabulous impressions at the same time bolstering their presence to a level where their personality gives them an added advantage. We offer the kind of advice and training that can help people land the appropriate job, get a promotion, and find someone to love or just feel supremely confident about them. A radiant presence is a rarity in today’s world, we have chalked out training and Personality upgrade programs that will help individuals take a turn in their minds and help them adapt to the ever-changing world in terms of developing and multiplying their personality and overall persona.

Our Mission

“To be a one-stop shop for all the Personality Development Related domains, which covers the intrinsic and extrinsic growth factors!!”

Our Vision

“Don’t be shy, show them how fabulous you are!! Multiply the Skills to broaden your horizon”

Our Deliverables

  • We are redesigning and redefining the Youth Workforce by imparting the required Personality Traits & On-job skills, to cover up the huge gap in the job market.
  • Our Training Programs make the Youth calibrate their current skills and upgrade them to a level where are fit to enter the corporate world or work as entrepreneurs.
  • Our Corporate Training Program help business units in identifying & fillings the gaps in their organization structure majorly workforce, by imparting the essential on job skills, qualities, traits, and attain the ultimate goal of Business Optimization.

How we make a Difference?

We believe that each Individual is having a potential, It’s only a matter of understanding the strength and weaknesses and working on them to fill the gaps.

Process before training

  • SWOT analysis
  • The training program designed based on SWOT
  • Include all the skills required for campus to corporate transition like soft skills, aptitude and many more
  • Interactive, Practical & mock sessions with a mentor
  • Revisit SWOT
  • Design the success path

Our Team

Charandeep Singh
Founder -Visionary to the core
Alumni UIET, Chandigarh
Certified Life & Personality Coach
Certified NLP Practitioner