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Persona Fulcrum is a forward-thinking Personality Development School designed to help people create fabulous impressions at the same time bolstering their presence to a level where their personality gives them an added advantage. We offer the kind of advice and training Read More…..

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Workshop in Personality Development


“Their trainer is excellent, as he gives you individual attention to improve your personality. His classes are full of the different mock drill, practical and live examples, and lots of feedback with improvisation solutions. I have taken their PD training for 2 months and the result is I have improved in public speaking and interactions. I have seen a change in my confidence over the period of time, I always follow what he suggested. Great work sir. I will definitely recommend this Institute, as their personalize teaching method is great and free wardrobe management workshop was an add on to the course. ” – attended Personality Development Training

Kusum L – Working Professional

“I really liked it here in persona fulcrum. It has been 10 classes here and it is helpful, many mind hurdles have been overcome. Sir is a good mentor, it all depends on you that how much effort you are ready to put in. It’s more like a life skills session. ” – attended Personality Development Training

Srishti – CS Aspirant

“The training started as the concept of communication skills and ended up being a complete personality training. The trainer was very good,he changed my mindest and approach towards things. Now days these trainings are important for us to posses a complete and a good personality. ” – attended Communication Skills Training

Varalaxmi G -Student