Six Month Certification Training Course in Communication Skills

72 Hours
72 Sessions
Six Months
Mode: Online Trainer Led Sessions
(No Recorded Lectures)
Method of Training
·         Live Audio Video Training
·         Concepts
·         Drills
·         Assignments
·         Regular SWOTs to check the progression
Classes – 3 Days in a Week
Timing: 9 PM IST
Duration: 1 Hour per class
One & Only 360 Degree Program in Communication Skills perfect for Teachers, Trainers, Professionals, Students, Looking for Career Option, anyone who wants to develop the communication.
Start Date: Now You can Join the Program Individually
Admissions Open:
Admissions Closes:
Number of Seats: 10
Training Fee: INR 30000/-
Include: Training + 4  paid Workshop Absolutely Free* + Study Material + Certificate
Fee Payment: 3 EMI Plan
·         1st Installment At the time of admission
·         2nd Installment on or before 10th day after 1st payment
·         3rd Installment on or before 25th day after 1st payment
Late Fee (if any): INR 100/- per day will be charged as late Fee incase fail to deposit the Fee on time.
How to Make Payment?
· Bank Transfer – NEFT/IMPS/UPI (no Extra Charges)
· Online (Through payment link) – Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking – 4% of extra charges will be levied as convenience Fee.

What Does This Course Constitutes?

SWOT Analysis (Training Need Analysis)
Introduction to Communication
Objective of Communication
Scope & Methods of Communications
Types of Communication
Communication Process Model
Principals of Communication
Verbal Communication
Oral & Written Communication
·         Oral Communication – Drills, concepts and techniques to develop
·         How to improve the technical areas in your communication?
·         How to speak confidently?
·         How to speak in an Articulative manner?
·         What to Say & How to Say?
·         Verbal Fluency & How to attain it?
·         What is working memory & cognitive load?
·         Sentence Structuring
·         How to format the language for better speaking?
·         Parts of Speeches
·         Rules of Grammar
·         POWER Writing
·         Common Phrases & Idioms
·         Advance Grammar Rules
·         Common Grammatical Mistakes

Non-Verbal Communication
Introduction to Non-verbal
How to use Non-verbal as a strength?
Various types of Body Languages
How to use Body language in Public Speaking?
Introduction to Voice tonality as Body language.
·         Introduction to Syllables
·         How to count syllables
·         How to break a word into syllable
·         What are Phonics?
·         Phonic awareness
·         What are short & long vowel sound?
·         Consonants
·         Digraphs & Diphthongs
Laws of Pronunciation
What is a Stress?
L2 & L3 Stresses
Suffix Stress
Stress in Compound words
Commonly mis-pronounced words & how to correct them?
Learn the importance of stresses in the English language
Monotone Communication
Introduction to Monotone communication
What is a monotone communication
How to cut down monotone?
Introduction to Intonations
Introduction to Tonality
Introduction to Vocal Elements
Introduction to Inflections
How to bring variation to your oral communication?
Presentation Skills
Introduction to Presentation Skills
Concepts of Story Telling
PIP framework for presentation
Body language in presentation

Business Communication
Informal & Formal Speaking
Difference between Informal & Formal Speaking
How to convert general communication into business communication?
Communication for Managers
Business Writing
What is Vocabulary?
Introduction to Active & Passive vocabulary
Techniques to build vocabulary
Context vocabulary
Listening Skills
Introduction to Listening Skills
Difference between listening and hearing
Process of listening – seven steps
Types of listening
Hindrance in a good listening process
Writing Skills
Importance of quality over quantity
Use of Punctuations
No frequent use of Adverbs & participles
Techniques of writing with clarity
How to use vocabulary in writing
How to make minimal grammatical mistakes
Email writing
Article writing
Report writing
Public Speaking
Introduction to Public Speaking
Four stages of public speaking
How to get rid of nervousness and anxiety in Public speaking?
How to Increase Interpersonal Communication?
Introduction to Persuasive Communication
Introduction to Assertive Communication

Assignments & Assessments

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