“It was wonderful experience. I have managed to improve my weak areas and learner many things that has helped me a lot to polish my knowledge. I got trained under Mr. Charandeep and indeed he is one of the best teacher I have known so far. Thank you for motivating and grooming me. ” –  attended Communication Skills Training

Neelam Thakur – Teacher

“I m euphoria that I joined with persona Fulcrum…bcz they provide top-notch course and material that enhance my knowledge, and which enable me to communicate effectively both in my professional and personal life, the program is so rich and wealthy, it includes many important parts such as verbal and non – verbal communication skill and Mr. Charandeep Singh( my personal trainer) is so skilled and indulgent person I met.” – attended Communication Skills Training

Ms. Himani Deswal

“Kids grooming program was very beneficial for my daughter as the trainer was able to develop her interest in writing and reading.There’s a visible difference in her confidence. With lot of personal attention trainer worked particularly on area that my daughter needed. ” – attended Kids Grooming Program

Manika – Riya’s Mother

I recently joined the training with Persona Fulcrum and within few days, I realize that my communication skills is getting better with the practice of techniques and methods provided by my trainer. I am really thankful to them for such kind of training program offered by them which is actually giving me results.- attending Communication Skills Training

Arun- Software Engineer

Kids Grooming program is excellent, I have seen changes in our daughter from the 1st session onwards. Her confidence level is much higher than before joining the classes. Trainer give the overall development and boost to her speaking & writing skills. Highly recommended program! Thank you

Rachna Naik-Aditi’s Mother

Very well explained about the tools that are required for us to improve our communication day by day. – attended Workshop in Communication Skills on 11th July 2020

Bharath – Student

“The workshop was an eye-opener for me, it gave me the reason to think about my own mindset and facing the challenges in life. It was an excellent experience of attending such a session. I would also like to thank the trainer for answering all my questions after the session on my request, as due to some technical reason my audio was not working during the workshop. They have also provided me the recording and notes of the session for my future reference. I would like to attend more sessions with sir, as the way he explains everything was just great.” – attended Workshop In Fixed Mindset Vs Growth Mindset – posted on 31st May 2020

Suman – Business Woman

“The training on Public Speaking was very helpful and it will be helpful in developing required skills for public speaking” – attended Workshop in Public Speaking – posted on 24th May, 2020.

Sagar Patel – Working with MNC

“The training was excellent and quite useful for gaining required skils for effective public speaches.” – attended Workshop in Public Speaking – posted on 24th May, 2020

Ranbir Singh -Ex-Army, Telecom Professional

“It’s good for me, most part of this workshop is theoretical ,I excepted practical also but its valuable for me” – attended Workshop in Public Speaking – posted on 24th May, 2020.

Vijaya Tyagi – Lawyer

“He was excellent n beautifully explained n was an eye opener for me I would look forward to attend more of ur workshops” – attended Workshop in Confidence Building – posted on 17 May, 2020

Dr SAKSHE JAIN – MBBS, Pursuing MD in Psychology

“He Explained the topic with good point which will help me to achieve the goal.I m looking forward to attend more workshop in future” – attended Workshop in Confidence Building – posted on 17 May, 2020.

Sagar Patel – MBA, Working in MNC

“Mr.Charandeep explained some new and simple method to improve our-self in each and every classes. And the way he explain everything that at the end of the classes we will not have any doubt to ask with him” – attended Workshop in Communication Skills, Workshop in Confidence Building & attending Personality Development Program for Professionals – posted on 18 May 2020.

Suseelan – IT Professional

“Amazing experience to get professional training from an expert. Perfectly articulated & Superb. ” – attended Personality Development Training – posted on 06 May, 2020

Sarika Lohana – Lecturer in Degree College

Charan sir helped me to improve my communication skills. He is an awesome trainer. – attended Communication Skills Training

Madhwendra – Big Data Architect

“It is the best institute for helping you to enhance your personal ability, develop your body language and skill enrichment.Thanks Personal fulcrum. ” – attended Personality Development Training

Dr Pooja Saxena – BHMS

“The learning experience with persona fulcrum was very beneficial. I got the clarity which was required to understand life’s toughest situations along with the vision of how to get through them with confidence. I feel confident, connected and clear-headed. Thanks, persona fulcrum.” – attended Personality Development Training

Simar – Homemaker

I joined Persona Fulcrum to help me grow as a professional and also coach me as I transitioned into a leadership role. The Trainer from Persona Fulcrum has been an incredible coach to me. He has helped me learn so much about myself and I am pleased to say that not only have I become a better professional, thanks to the Trainer, I have also learned to lead a more fulfilling life. Persona Fulcrum’s “positive self-visualizations” and “Influencing People” have given me a whole new perspective. Team of Persona Fulcrum genuinely cares about helping people and showing them the right direction. They take time to understand your true state by asking all the right questions. Thank you for all the great work done by Persona Fulcrum! – attended Personality Development Booster Program

M Govindarao – Working Professional

“I had a great experience with Persona Fulcrum. I appreciate their quick response to my query, understanding my requirement and formulating a training plan. Each training session is a good combination of theory as well as practice. This PD training is designed to make your fundamentals strong. I am glad I enrolled in this training. ” – attended Personality Development For Professionals / Non Professionals

Julie Clamy Fernandes – AVP – IT

“I am taking the Online Personality Development Training Program from Persona Fulcrum. First of all, I would like to appreciate the effort they put into having smooth training with live video session with a trainer on an individual basis. I have already completed half of my training, I can see the changes in me. The trainer makes sure that he will give the concept first and then he gives the practical experience as well. Guidance from him is helping me a lot specially boosted my confidence. Thank you Team Persona Fulcrum for creating a comprehensive training program, which is helping me in overall enhancement in my personality. ” – attended Personality Development Training

Rupal – Banking Professional

“I am in mid of my PD training with Persona Fulcrum, within all classes till now I have experienced good training. The trainer will be focusing on confidence and soft skills building. He will try to cover all the topics including syllabus and other than syllabus which is necessary for my PD. All over experience with PF is excellent. ” – attended Personality Development For Homemakers / Women

Manisha Gaidhane – IT Professional

“I have had a great experience so far. I have learned many important things about myself and my confidence has certainly increased. ” – attended Personality Development For Professionals / Non Professionals

Ayush Pandey – Student

“I joined persona fulcrum Ito learns nuances of public speaking. Itâ??s been good going for me. Have already gained groove and confidence in English conversation. The faculty gives personal attention to your flaws and constantly reminds for course correction. Totally value for money! ” – attended Personality Development Training

Deepak Upadhyay – CA

“It is very very good. The efforts of the coordinator and the mentors are very satisfactory. I appreciate their efforts in giving their best. I was very apprehensive of my decision for both one whether I will be able to get what I wanted second of money. But the response and the benefits are far than the money I paid. I am very satisfied and happy for having connected” –
attended Personality Development For Professionals / Non Professionals

Nandini – Professor

“Feeling more confident while communicating with others and also have started seeing the life differently. ” – attended Personality Development For Professionals / Non Professionals

Praveen Gupta -CA

“I really liked it here in persona fulcrum. It has been 10 classes here and it is helpful, many mind hurdles have been overcome. Sir is a good mentor, it all depends on you that how much effort you are ready to put in. It’s more like a life skills session. ” – attended Personality Development Training

Srishti – CS Aspirant

“My experience with Persona Fulcrum has been really great. The sessions are quite thoughtful and interactive. ” – attended Personality Development Training

Aditi Sharma – Fashion Designer

“Their trainer is excellent, as he gives you individual attention to improve your personality. His classes are full of the different mock drill, practical and live examples, and lots of feedback with improvisation solutions. I have taken their PD training for 2 months and the result is I have improved in public speaking and interactions. I have seen a change in my confidence over the period of time, I always follow what he suggested. Great work sir. I will definitely recommend this Institute, as their personalize teaching method is great and free wardrobe management workshop was an add on to the course. ” – attended Personality Development Training

Kusum L – Working Professional

“If you want to see a drastic changes in your communication and personality development please admit yourself in persona fulcrum. With in a two class they will make you understand where you should really up skill yourself and also they will come up with best solutions to help you. Believe me you will also feel the same. They mastered in Approach and solutions. ” – attended Personality Development For Professionals / Non Professionals

Rajiv – Recruiter

“The trainer is very good. He has a very good English accent. He had a great impact on us. It was a great experience. I have seen a difference in my own personality. So, thank you sir for helping me to improve my weaknesses. ” – attended Personality Development Training

Yash Goel – Student

“I attended the Ielts course and found very helpful. Persona fulcrum have one of the best methods of delivering Classroom courses. My Instructor has a good understanding of subject. I had a great learning experience and it helped a lot to excel in my career. ” – attended Soft Skills Training

Gursewak Singh – Student

“Persona Fulcrum is one of the best institute for skills development program. I joined it for personality development program. Trainers are so co-operative, helpful and excellent with great problem solving skills. Sessions are so interactive and thoughtful. I would highly recommend. ” – attended Personality Development Training

Amit Kumar – IT Professional

“Mr.Charandeep is an outstanding teacher who helped me come out of the phobia of communication skills. ” – attended Communication Skills Training

Vidya – Working Professional

“The training started as the concept of communication skills and ended up being a complete personality training. The trainer was very good,he changed my mindest and approach towards things. Now days these trainings are important for us to posses a complete and a good personality. ” – attended Communication Skills Training

Varalaxmi G -Student

“Its an amazing experience, Charan is amicable, committed and deliver what he promises. Tips provided by him are simple and top notch. His methods are realistic and helped me in my professional life which isolates from others. ” – attended Personality Development For Professionals / Non Professionals

Vishnu – IT Professional

“It was a great experience. The trainers are also good, understanding and helping. It really helped with my problems. ” – attended Personality Development Training for Teenager

Ananya Hazarika – Student

“Excellent fun classes. Focus on both technical and practical application of skills. I highly recommend you to join these classes if you are looking for personality development. ” – attended Personality Development Training

Anupam Tripathi – Data Analyst

“Persona Fulcrum is the best institute for Personality Development. It’s really excellent to get trained by Mr. Charandeep Singh. He is the best trainer and he has a solution to everything. I had learned a lot under him and gave me confidence. The trainer always does something different in every class which gives you new insight. I am grateful to the Trainer for guiding me. ” – attended Personality Development Training

Siddharth Gupta – Admin Executive

“Very interactive, beneficial, full of real life examples and makes us introspect and understand our improvement areas. It’s a personalized training and provides us with very specific feedback. ” – attended Personality Development For Professionals / Non Professionals

Sundus Ahmad – Project Manager

“The classes are interactive and the concept s are really nicely explained, the communication skills training covers new topics like pronunciation and adding to your fluency. They are trustworthy and respond back right away. ” – attended Communication Skills Training

Rohit – Communication Skills Trainer

“It’s a very nice and effective program. Tailored according to my personality and needs. The mix of coaching, mentoring and theory is at a very correct proportion. Completed this program with full satisfaction. ” – attended Business Communication Training Program

Md Shahzad – Program Manager

“Thank you for valuable tips for Articulation and voice modulation. It has helped me a lot in further enhancing my skills. ” – attended Communication Skills Training

Ritu Sachdeva – Communication Skills Trainer

“One of the great communication skills training given by the Great Guru. We can understand and learn each module of communication skills. I have benefited the workarounds as a software engineer which i required more. Thank you so much sir. ” – attended Communication Skills Training

Apanra R – Senior Java Developer

“I had a wonderful experience learning with online sessions. Gave me self confidence with the personality development curriculum. Will definitely recommend to especially homemakers and ladies. The trainer managed well with my busy schedule. Thank you so much. ” – attended Personality Development For Homemakers / Women

Kavita Jalna – Business Woman

“You are the best trainer. I have learnt many things from you. I admire for persona fulcrum. I am happy. Thank you so much for your support, Highly recommended to all. ” – attended Soft Skills Training

Pragya Shah – Teacher in Primary School

“It has been a nice experience. Friendly, polite conversational sessions, which were according to my requirements, helped me to gain confidence in my abilities. I am a more positive person now. If someone regularly practices communication exercises, it will certainly be a great help in improving communication skills. Very nominal fee for 3 classes in a week. ” – attended Personality Development Training

Tarushikha – Translator

“Persona fulcrum is one of the best institutes for personality development program. it has enhanced my personality skills and overcome my shyness attitude and development in communication skills. the trainer is really good, his training skills made me communicate with others confidently and finally made me see life in a different way. “-attended Personality Development Training – posted on 01 May, 2020

Rithvik Gundavarapu – CA Aspirant

“I had a great experience while doing a PD course with persona fulcrum. Here I got to learn many things which will definitely help me to grow in life. My main problem for which I did join the course is improving. The Persona fulcrum came out to be helpful to me. ” – attended Personality Development Training – posted on 01 May, 2020

Simran Bagga – MBBS Intern

“Persona has taught me way lot than expected. They have great faculty. The content provided by them is actually practical and will surely help one to improve. ” – attended Personality Development Training – posted on 25 Apr, 2020

Shaurya Chaudhary – Student