Training & Improvement Programs

Image Building – We engineer the complete image construction and building process by cultivating the professional demeanor, social etiquette, enhanced communication skills, and contemporary self-awareness.

Personality Development   We strive on developing competencies within an individual that have not been nurtured in a proper way by personality building processes like strong body language, higher optimism, superb communication skills, multiplied leadership qualities.

Self-Management – We build the self-awareness attributes within an individual by enthralling the self-management rituals like personal hygiene, look & dress up, knowledge management, time management, adaptation management.

Corporate Adaptation – We craft & inculcate the qualities that are required to shine in the corporate environment that includes things like qualitative job profiling, understanding of the profile, balanced hard skills vs. soft skills, personality management & impression management.

Training Methodology: We, at Persona Fulcrum,  believes in Practice to make things perfect. Our Training Methodology is designed in a way where all our Students get involved at each level of training during the session. Our every session consists of:

  • Games and Group Activities
  • Interactive group discussions
  • Team activities
  • Role Plays
  • Motivational Stories
  • Instructor-Led Training